An ongoing observation and exploration of the everyday visual language of a place as a reaction to todays’ rapid society and the overabundance of images that we consume online.

Not a Fixed and Not a Finished Manifesto*

For the curious ones, for those who have run out of reasons:
Nothing is fixed and nothing is finished
Our audience is clever and unpredictable
Practice spontaneity and explore not knowing where you are going
There is a beat inside of you that guides your decisions
Look above, the streets are different
We will grow up understanding what our parents ignored
All colours and typographies are invited
Unfamiliarize the learning and normalize the unlearning

Nothing is fixed and nothing is finished
What we say today might change while we move on

MFA Graphic Design @ 
Otis College of Art and Design

BBA Design Management @ 
Paris College of Art and Design / Parsons Paris

(+34) 679 47 45 72


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